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The Global Crisis Severity Index – beta version

The INFORM Global Crisis Severity Index (GCSI) is an improved way to objectively measure and compare the severity of humanitarian crises and disasters globally. It can help us develop a shared understanding of crisis severity and ensure all those affected get the help they need.

The INFORM Global Crisis Severity Index is in the process of development.


  • Download the INFORM GCSI Beta version:

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How it works

The GCSI contains around 30 indicators that tell us about: the impact of the crisis itself, in term of the scope of its geographical, human and physical effects; the conditions and the status of the affected people, including information about the distribution of severity (i.e the number of people in each category of severity within a crisis); and the complexity of the crisis, in terms of factors that affects its mitigation or resolution.


The results provide a categorisation of 1-5 for each component of the GCSI and access to the underlying data and calculations.