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INFORM is the first global, objective and transparent tool for understanding the risk of humanitarian crises. When all those involved in crisis prevention, preparedness and response use a shared risk assessment, they can work more effectively together. That is why INFORM is open-source.

INFORM has been developed in response to recommendations by numerous organisations to improve the common evidence basis for risk analysis, as well as the real demands of INFORM partner organisations.

INFORM is a collaboration of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Team for Preparedness and Resilience and the European Commission. INFORM partners include the organisations on the right.

  • Become a partner. Other INFORM partners are welcome. Partners commit to do one or more of: 1) facilitate the use of their data in INFORM, 2) provide expert guidance for the INFORM initiative, 3) provide in-kind or financial support.
  • Support and feedback: contact us directly at contact@inform-index.org.
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Methods and Use

INFORM is a way to simplify a lot of information about crisis risk so it can be easily used for decision-making.

The INFORM model is based on risk concepts published in scientific literature and envisages three dimensions of risk: hazards & exposure, vulnerability and lack of coping capacity dimensions.

More about the methodology


INFORM partners produce regular publications on the background, use and analysis of INFORM. Stay tuned for more.


For developers

INFORM is open, also for integration in other applications. INFORM has an new version of API that allows access to INFORM data for programmers. Currently, a new json API is available for reading data. The previous version in not longer available.