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INFORM Honduras is a municipal risk index that identifies risks, threats, vulnerabilities and response capacities in the 298 municipalities of Honduras. The municipal risk index simplifies information about crisis risk and is comprised of 35 indicators representing the three dimensions of risk: hazard and exposure, vulnerability, and lack of coping capacity.

The tool can be used by national and local government institutions, international cooperation and civil society organizations, and development and disaster risk reduction sectors to address weaknesses in different areas identified by the tool, inform decision making and planning processes to prevent, prepare for, respond to humanitarian crises and disasters, and build resilience, among others.

The INFOM Honduras tool has been implemented and will be updated by the Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO). COPECO and other government institutions will jointly implement the INFORM initiative in the context of the National Risk Management System (SINAGER). The national Humanitarian Network, Civil Society Organizations, Academic institutions, and the Association of Municipalities of Honduras (AMHON) will also collaborate with the initiative.

Download INFORM Honduras 2018 v1.0.1

 Download INFORM Honduras methodology Report (Spanish version)

 Download INFORM Honduras flyers (Spanish version): INFORM Honduras Risk IndexINFORM Honduras ModelINFORM Honduras Risk Index and Dimensions  

 Download INFORM Honduras results (Spanish version): Part_1 and Part_2

Watch the Spanish version of the INFORM video 

Regional website (in Spanish): http://sara.un-ocha.org/inform-lac