The European Commission Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre integrates existing scientific multi-disciplinary knowledge and co-develops innovative solutions for existing needs. Activities of the EC DRMKC support the translation of complex scientific data and analyses into usable information and provides science-based advice for DRM policies.

  • Scientific Output

    The scientific publications based on a selection of papers, reports and policy briefs covering different research domains and policy areas produced by the scientists of the Joint Research Centre.

    INFORM is a multi-stakeholder forum for developing shared, quantitative analysis relevant to humanitarian crises and disasters. INFORM includes organisations from across the multilateral system, including the humanitarian and development sector, donors, and technical partners.

    News about EC Response, useful links to relevant platforms and other COVID-19 important information.
  • Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources (EIOS)

    The DRMKC provides support to the Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources (EIOS) initiative, which brings together several public health stakeholders around the globe to create a unified, multidisciplinary approach to early detection, assessment and communication of public health risk using publicly available information.
  • Gaps Explorer

    As a contribution to the common effort of enhancing research results’ exploitation while defining the way forward, the Gaps Explorer provides targeted recommendations, tailored to different stakeholder profiles – Policy-Makers, Practitioners and Scientists – based on thematic reviews.
  • Global Conflict Risk Index (GCRI)

    The Global Conflict Risk Index (GCRI) expresses the statistical risk of violent conflict in a given country in the coming 1-4 years and is exclusively based on quantitative indicators from open sources.
  • Project Explorer

    The DRMKC Projects Explorer is continuously updated with information regarding research projects and institutions . It is an essential tool to discover who knows what.
  • Risk Data Hub

    The DRMKC Risk Data Hub is a Geo portal providing access to data and methods for Risk and Impact assessment in a multi-hazard context. Authorised users can create their private "User corner" to upload their own data to run customised assessments.
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