Risk Data Hub

The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) makes available a GIS web-platform – the Risk Data Hub – intended to improve the access and sharing of curated European-wide (EU, EFTA and IPA countries) risk data, tools and methodologies for fostering Disaster Risk Management (DRM) related actions.

Disaster Risk Management Cycle

Rich analysis features

Large amounts of complex data rendered in an understandable and valuable way by:

  • Different levels of aggregation
  • Interactive map
  • Charts
  • Meaningful descriptions and metadata

Country corner

Risk Data Hub aims to help single member states to prepare their own risk assessment, using detailed data coming from all administrative levels.

The online platform is helpful for two main types of assessment:

  • Exposure to potential disaster events (using data from models): discovery of most exposed areas for every hazard. This leads to Prevention and Preparedness
  • Damages and losses caused by past events: useful for statistical analysis, finding trends and check eligibility for solidarity fund requests. This leads to Response and Recovery

Authorized users may access the tool by selecting their country of competence.

Getting started

Risk Data Hub makes publicly available many European-wide datasets.

To start using the web tool, select and click a region on the map, or simply click the link on the main navigation menu.

Note: this release is a prototype. Please, refer to Contact section for suggestions or any further requests.

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