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The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) started to prepare the second Report in the "Science for Disaster Risk Management" flagship series, to be finished by the end of 2020.

This work will follow on from the first Report, published in May 2017, with the sub-title "Knowing better and losing less". Building on its successful outcome and learning from its multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary networking process (which involved over 270 contributors), the Science for DRM 2020 report will take a step further to reinforce the science-policy interface, by centring its analysis on the impacts of disasters across the different sectors of human life and activity.

The DRMKC looks forward to reinforcing the cooperation between scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and citizens, and to further enhancing the use of sound knowledge for communicating and managing disaster risk more effectively. In a nutshell, the Science for DRM 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow report will look for concrete innovative solutions – moving from identifying needs to identifying solutions.

Based on the European scope of the DRMKC, the topics to be covered in the Report should be primarily addressed to the European audience. Likewise, the document would consider all the phases of the Disaster Risk Management cycle and disaster impacts, emphasising the added value of building the knowledge jointly, by including all relevant disciplines, sectors and stakeholders, and recognising that disaster risk actions are implemented at different governance levels: local, sub-national, national and lastly, European.

The preparation of the Report is carried out by four main bodies: the Editorial Board, the Advisory Group, the Authors Teams, and the Reviewers. For more detailed information, the following guide documents are available for download on the side bar:

  • Table of Content, containing the index of the Report and the expected contributors for each of the Chapters.
  • Content description, with the abstract of each of the chapters of the Report (Coming soon).
  • Work plan, containing the key milestones towards the publication of the Report.


Guide Documents