Seismic Risk Assessment Tools Workshop

Seismic Risk Assessment Tools Workshop - Demonstration and Evaluation of Seismic Risk Assessment Tools for EUCPM member states

11th -12th May 2017, Ispra, Italy

Held in the European Crisis Management Laboratory on 11-12 May 2017, this Workshop brought together on one side the developers of some of the most widely used modern seismic risk assessment tools and on the other a number of Civil Protection authorities from countries of the European Civil Protection Mechanism. The objective was to demonstrate the use and capabilities of the tools, explore the possible use in near-real-time impact assessment and promote their use in risk planning and disaster response.
The systems presented in the workshop demonstrated a very high sophistication and increased flexibility in accepting data from a large number of sources and formats. Systems that were initially developed on a national scale can now work on a global level with little effort and the use of global-scale exposure data is almost seamless. An urgent need for more accurate exposure data being openly available was identified, as well as the need of proper use of the fragility curves. Inter-system collaboration and interoperability  in some cases to increase ease of use was greatly appreciated and encouraged. All systems participated in a real-time simulation exercise on previously unknown seismic data provided by the JRC; some additional automation might be in order, but in general all systems demonstrated a capacity to produce results on a near-real-time basis. The demonstrations were unanimously welcomed as very useful by the participating Civil Protection Authorities, most of which are either using a locally-developed system of moving towards using one of those presented in the workshop.

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