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Project Explorer

While knowledge is abundant, gaps do, of course, still exist. The DRMKC is actively contributing to map these gaps aiming at better design funding programmes at an EU level. The first step in this process is to know 'who knows what’, which is the essence of knowledge management.

This effort is a twofold exercise: while it supports exploitation of already existing research results, the identification of remaining gaps promotes a more focused research, which facilitates the future transfer of research solutions or policy recommendations to users in a timely and relevant fashion.

The DRMKC has been working in close collaboration with the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies (CoU) of DG HOME to develop the Projects Explorer: a common repository of relevant research and operational projects along with their results that is accessible through both, the DRMKC and the CoU web-platforms. The Projects Explorer allows identification and visualisation of networks and eases the discovery of synergies across different research funding instruments while promotes a cross-sectorial approach to the Risk Management research.

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Gaps Explorer


In the scientific world, as the flood of knowledge increases, there is a greater need for systematic reviews to guarantee proper exploitation of results along with the definition of the way forward. While knowledge is abundant, gaps do still exist: DG Research and Innovation (R&I) contributes to mapping these gaps through their Projects for Policy series of reports.

Inspired by this initiative, the DRMKC has developed the Gaps Explorer to provide targeted recommendations, tailored to different stakeholder profiles – Policy-Makers, Practitioners and Scientists – based on thematic reviews. The first pilot has been co-developed by DG R&I and JRC on Forest Fires. We expect many other topics to come ...

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Support System - Horizon Europe

The former support system provided through DRMKC consisted of on-demand provision (of days, months or years duration) of scientific and technical advice, recommendations, strategies, guidelines, datasets and tools in support of National Authorities activities in identified areas of need (e.g. risk assessment methodology and tools, risk scenario development, disaster risk modelling, etc.).

This service is no longer available directly through DRMKC, as it is now framed under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

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DRM Taxonomy

In disaster risk management, information often comes under the shape of knowledge graphs with different detail levels across multiple disciplines. And not only humans should be able to analyse and digest this information: it also needs to be fit for machine learning so that the prediction power of algorithms keeps improving.   

This is the effort on which DRMKC embarked at the end of 2021, together with UNDRR. The interested Directorates-General of the European Commission started a working group to co-organise the existing knowledge base in a comprehensive taxonomy. Such taxonomy aims to cover not only the components of risk (hazard, exposure and vulnerability/resilience), but also DRM stages and processes (e.g. risk assessment and disaster loss data inventory). 

In addition, we aim at integrating terminologies on hybrid threats, megatrends (i.e. long-term global driving forces observable in the present and likely to continue having a significant influence for a few decades) and other relevant terminologies connected to the challenges of today’s society. For example, dedicated terminologies on climate change and conflicts will also be integrated in the taxonomy. 

The DRM taxonomy will also include links to EU funded projects, publications, recommendations, datasets and learning materials. It is being adopted as a reference for the ongoing developments of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network web platform and will be linked with work on EIOS (Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources) and the World Health Organization Hub for Epidemic and Pandemic Intelligence.

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