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One of the core principles of the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre is to foster knowledge and innovation for mitigating disaster risks and coping with hazards. By pooling of information and granting access to scientific results and expertise, the DRMKC strives to boost transfer of research outputs to end-users and to facilitate the task of making sense of existing knowledge.

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Scientific Output 2023-Q4
Disaster Risk Management Science Knowledge Publications This collection of scientific publications shows the work carried out by Unit. E.1 Only the most relevant from October to December 2023 are collected here.
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The scientific publications proposed in this repository are based on a selection of papers, reports and policy briefs from 2019 to present, covering different research domains and policy areas. The majority of the publications have been produced by the scientists of the Joint Research Centre and are available for download from the JRC publications Repository.

This page will be regularly updated and enriched also with relevant scientific publications, reports and studies from other Directorates-General of the European Commission.