Support System

What is?

It consists of on-demand provision (days, months or years) of scientific and technical advice, recommendations, strategies, guidelines, datasets and tools in support of National Authorities activities in identified areas of need (e.g. risk assessment methodology and tools, risk scenario development, disaster risk modelling, etc.). 

In 2016, the five areas for providing support are related to upcoming deliverables of National Authorities under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism or areas where National Authorities have mature practice:

How can I activate it?

It can be activated by different entities of participating countries: governmental bodies, national or regional authorities and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

The operation of the technical support structure can be envisaged as follows: 

  1. REQUEST: It will be managed by the Joint Research Centre in cooperation with DG ECHO, whose core function would be to react to National Authories request for technical support, guidance and advice.

  2. SELECTION:  Identifying a pool of experts with technical expertise in identified areas of need (e.g. risk assessment methodology, scenario development). Criteria include: relevance to other participating countries, link with EU international policies, cross-state exchange.

  3. EXECUTION: Single or group of experts provide scientific and technical products and services in support to National Authority activities. The execution is envisaged through: meetings with National Authorities to define the User Needs and the expected products, and to ensure continuous interaction between the stakeholder and the experts; Expert contracts (H2020) with skill profiles related to the areas of need. 

  4. REPORTING: Ensuring the appropriate dissemination and use of the service among national authorities.

​ In practice:

workflow DRMKC Support System


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Support Service Requests

  • Assessment of potential use of selected geoinformation products for risk management
  • Local decision making improvement - Municipality of Genoa
  • Deliverable on methodologies, data transformation regarding the evaluation of the RDH Country Corner for Austria
  • Development of EU harmonized services for training activities in the domain of Drought Risk Assessment
  • Best Practice Sharing on Public Warning and Information Systems
  • Securing the European Drought Reference (EDR) and Impact report Inventory (EDII) databases for the benefit of DRM– a feasibility assessment
  • Porting of Field Reporting Tool JRC APP to Android
  • The East Aegean See strong earthquake (Mw6.3) of 12 June 2017 and its associated tsumani: a detailed study
  • Workshop in the frame of "Development of EU harmonized services for training activities in the domain of critical infrastructures towards the implementation of the 2008/114/EC Directive"
  • Workshop with FP7 and H2020 projects on critical infrastructure protection
  • Workshop Risk Assessment for Natural-Hazard Impact on Hazardous Chemical Installations
  • Tsunami Risk Assessment in Terms of Building Economic Losses using GIS Tools
  • Understanding extreme events as catalysts for flood-risk management policy change: a case study of the impact of ‘Storm Desmond’ in Cumbria, UK
  • Collecting and recording disaster damages and loss data according to European Directives and Guidance and for responding to the Sendai Framework requests
  • Development of EU harmonized services for recording flood events and associated damages data accommodating Flood Directive and towards the implementation of Sendai Framework