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What is?


This service is no longer available directly through DRMKC, as it is now framed under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) which:


In the near future

In close consultation with UCPM Member States and Participating States, the European Commission is currently working on the development of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network. Its set-up will ensure a comprehensive and inclusive structure and participatory decision-making, with focus on contributions of expertise, knowledge, skills and good practices of all Member States and Participating States of the UCPM. Under the Knowledge Network all the above-mentioned initiatives, and additional new ones, will be framed in a coherent one-stop-shop for knowledge in the field of disaster management (https://ec.europa.eu/echo/sites/echo-site/files/ucpkn_2-pager_en.pdf).

In the past

The former support system provided through DRMKC consisted of on-demand provision (of days, months or years duration) of scientific and technical advice, recommendations, strategies, guidelines, datasets and tools in support of National Authorities activities in identified areas of need (e.g. risk assessment methodology and tools, risk scenario development, disaster risk modelling, etc.).

The five areas of support were:


Support Service Requests received (2016-2019)