International Conference on the Recent Tsunami Events in the Aegean Sea


12th - 13th December 2017, Ispra, Italy

On 12th June and 20th July, two major earthquakes occurred in the Aegean Sea of Magnitude Mw. 6.3 and Mw. 6.6 that have generated Tsunami along the coasts of Greece and Turkey. Although of limited magnitude, the two events raised several questions on the preparedness of Mediterranean countries to face such events that are considered of low probability of occurrence but that may happen and it is important to analyse the behaviour and the effectiveness of all what has been developed over the years to control and monitor those events.

The JRC is organizing an International conference to discuss technical, organizational and societal aspects of these two events, inviting the Tsunami Monitoring Organizations, the Academics, the Civil Protection Authorities and the Local Authorities of the locations mostly involved and affected by the events (Plomari and Karaburun for the 12th Jun event, Bodrum and Kos for the 20th Jul event).