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7th DRMKC Annual Seminar

Moving knowledge into action: a Roadmap to Disaster Resilience

7th DRMKC annual Seminar - Moving knowledge into action: a roadmap to Disaster Resilience - 21 November 2023

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Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can have devastating impacts on communities, economies, and the environment. In recent years, notwithstanding global efforts on disaster risk management, the frequency and severity of disasters have increased, underscoring the need for effective disaster resilience strategies.

The European Commission recognizes the importance of building resilience at local, national and EU levels to minimize the adverse effects of disasters and promote sustainable development. In the area of civil protection, the newly adopted Union disaster resilience goals represent one of the main instruments aimed at strengthening the capacity of the EU and the UCPM participating countries to anticipate and withstand the effects of future major disasters and emergencies. Together with the Sendai Framework and the EU strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change and the EU Climate Law, these policy frameworks are contributing to a common objective to increase European preparedness to disasters and the future impacts of climate change.

The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre, as the Science Pillar of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network, sets out to facilitate synergies across the disaster risk management and climate change communities to foster better risk awareness and prevention and enhanced disaster resilience.

The 7th annual seminar will move beyond alarming statements on disasters severity, climate extremes and the future disaster scenarios and will shift the attention to action and knowledge that would help advance the EU resilience agenda, including the Union disaster resilience goals. The aim of the annual seminar is to look into how to be better prepared to face the changing risk landscape and increase resilience at local, national and EU levels, through disaster risk management governance, research, innovation and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

The aim of this year’s DRMKC Annual Seminar, organised in the framework of the Science pillar of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network, is to bring different voices from the Commission’s policy and research directorates, national authorities and other stakeholders to reflect on how to define the pathways to a more resilient EU especially in relation to climate and disaster risks. With scientists and practitioners, we will co-design solutions and identify collaborative approaches towards implementing the EU’s disaster resilience agenda, including the Union Disaster Resilience Goals, from planning and adaptation for climate resilient cities and regions, to areas where better coordination among Commission directorates and between the scientific and operational actors is needed, to vulnerability assessments, horizon scanning and strategic foresight scenarios.


On the 8th November, ahead of the DRMKC Annual Seminar, a Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network online forerunner event will be held on cascading climate risks. The event will be an informative session, at the beginning of November. It will be the occasion to host CASCADES and CLIMAAX, two Horizon projects, to present their case studies and methodologies.

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Following the annual seminar, on the 22nd November, the Wildfire Risk Management Project Clustering Event 2023 will take place in the same venue with the aim to exchange project activities, develop joint visions and collaboration options and to facilitate the science-policy-practice exchange. The event is organised by European Research Executive Agency (REA) together with the Firelogue project and in collaboration with the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network.   

More information available at the following link:Wildfire Risk Management Clustering Event 2023 | UCP Knowledge Network: Applied knowledge for action (europa.eu) 


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