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FLASH NEWS - February 2022


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FG IV - Programme Officer - Data scientist for the DRMKC support to the Science pillars of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network: EXTENDED DEADLINE for applications

The DRMKC team is looking for a data scientist to help us to discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data that can support the decision making process in Disaster Risk Management. The primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques, performing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrating data collected at different scales from local to regional and up to a Pan-European Scale.

The selected candidate will contribute to the assessment of the data and science landscape for the different DRM phases:

  • S/he will gain an overview of all potential sources, identify the scope and the type of data required to fulfil the knowledge gap in understanding disaster risks, facilitate acquisition, storing and modelling of the data.
  • S/he will undertake pre-processing of structured and unstructured data, analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns, build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms and combine models through ensemble modelling.
  • S/he will support in preparing analytical situation reports, scenario building, policy briefs and customizing them for the targeted audience (e.g. policy makers, operational bodies, academia, citizens). S/he will leverage information design concepts and principles to create compelling and effective charts, tables, presentations and other visuals that convey analytical results clearly and effectively.

Code: 2021-IPR-E1-FGIV-019508
Title: FG IV - Programme Officer - Data scientist for the DRMKC support to the Science pillars of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network
Deadline: 14/02/2022 Brussels time(extended)
Info: https://recruitment.jrc.ec.europa.eu/showprj.php?type=A&id=2156


Saxion University of Applied Science welcomes students from partner universities/organizations to its lectures about Disaster Risk Management

From 15 to 18 February 2022 the Saxion University course on ‘Crisis & Disaster management’ opens its doors to interested students from other organizations.

Based on the two DRMKC flagship science reports "Science for disaster risk management” (2017, 2020), the main objective of the course is that students understand the main concepts of disaster risk management, from understanding the risk to communication and management; also take into account possible future challenges.

The training consists of four training days.

Next to (online) presentations and discussions about core principles of disaster risks management the students will zoom in and apply the information to specific crisis types, e.g. extreme weather events. This will be done in group work.

On the last day, the training will be concluded by poster presentations and an evaluation of the training.

Further details and contacts for registration available here.