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FLASH NEWS - September 2022


Flash News from the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre


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Registration open for the 6th DRMKC Annual Seminar

A hybrid event co-hosted with the French Ministry of Interior and jointly organized with DG ECHO in Paris. This 2-day event (22-23 November) aims to share the achievements of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network (UCPKN) Science Pillar in addressing challenges such as compound, concurrent and cascade events which need to be included in risk analysis or the communication challenges in risk management, among others. Further details, including the session’s description and logistics details, are available in the dedicated webpage of DRMKC website.

Join us in looking into needs and gaps but also into solutions and implementations of good practices. We will share the status of the initiatives being designed/implemented in the Commission to support some of the current challenges in disaster risk management. We will collect partecipants' feedbacks and ideas to draft an action plan for the Science Pillar for the next 2 years (2023-2024)!

New ways of exploring data and derive insights from the Risk Data Hub

Following the Risk Data Hub Workshop and the Civil Protection Forum in June 2022, the Risk Data Hub team has been expanding the features and refining functionalities of the platform based on the feedback received from users and stakeholders. To further support the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, we have released the Risk Data Hub Users’ Corner Guide. The report provides extensive guidance to external users on using the DRMKC RDH reporting and analysis capabilities, and how to access our curated data collection and create personalised workspaces. The team also created the Facts and Figures section which allows users to explore our data collection dynamically and to use of interactive dashboards and storymaps to derive insights from a catalogue of DRM data. Stay tuned for new features and storymaps that will soon be published.

INFORM Risk 2023 official release is now out!

Don’t wait to check the latest risk, trends and country risk profiles on our website https://drmkc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/inform-index.

DRMKC was proud to share the release of the new INFORM Risk Index 2023 which has different trend analyses dashboards, one for facts & figures and another one for country profiles (see image below).

The new product INFORM Climate Change Risk will be available soon.

Upcoming Workshop on Local Early Warning Systems

"The Local Tsunamis Early Warning Systems workshop (hybrid, in Ispra - Italy) is approaching fast! We will be co-hosting it in early October together with UNESCO-IOC. This event will focused on last-mile prevention and will gather volcano, earthquake and tsunamis experts to discuss the state-of-the-art and improvement pathways. If you’re interested, the registrations are still open!

Disaster Risk Management Training online series 2022

The Disaster and Emergency Management course at Coventry University will host a series of 6 online training seminars between September and November focused on spreading evidence-based knowledge about disaster risk management. Speakers from DG JRC, DG ECHO, and the Cooperation Network of Risk, Safety and Security Studies (CONRIS) network universities will share their knowledge and experience.


The detailed programme is available in the learning corner page of the DRMKC website. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they join 4 or more seminars.

Students from CONRIS partner universities and staff involved in risk management and civil protection are welcome to join. Link for registering to the event: https://www.eventsforce.net/drmonlinetraining2022