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11th EU Loss Data Workshop April 2018


16th -17th April 2018, Brussels, Belgium


  • Members of DRR National platforms that represent different stakeholder interests and focal points;
  • Technical experts on loss data;
  • Organisations contributing to loss data collection and reporting at local, regional, national, EU and international level, including those from the private sector.


Improving coordinated multi-stakeholder mechanisms for data collection based on identified needs, such as Sendai reporting and National Risk Assessments.


Presenting different stakeholder networks for data collection, collection processes and coordination; identify their needs and how the EC can support them in loss data collection and explore how progress on loss data collection is feeding into the national DRR strategies (ref. Bulgarian Presidency workshop).


Present recently developed methodologies and overviews of databases, and debate on specific issues such as asset level loss data collection and data aggregation process. Understand how loss data supports the DRR strategies and multi-hazard early warning systems in place at the regional and local levels.




Participants present at the 11th Eu Loss Data Meeting


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