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Loss Data Workshop October 2015

EU LOSS DATA – Sixth Workshop


30-31 March 2015, Venue: Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy

Progress towards guidelines on sharing loss data among EU countries and State of the art of recording loss data at local level


The fifth meeting of the EU expert working group on disaster damage and loss data aimed at:

  •  Finalizing the guidelines on sharing loss data among EU countries, to be proposed at DG meeting under Latvian semester (29-30 April 2015, in Latvia)
  •  Exploring the state of the art of recording loss data at local level (data collection forms)

 The workshop gathered 30 experts from 11 Member states. It follows on the success of previous meetings in 2013 and 2014, ascertaining the commitment of the expert working group towards addressing the challenges set forward by the new Union Civil Protection Legislation and the recently adopted Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

It is expected that the achievements of the working group, in particular the guidance on recording disaster damage and loss data would feed in the process of developing a monitoring and measurement framework for targets and indicators in the EU.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the review of the guidance document including its scope, the proposed framework for damage and loss recording and the suggested minimum required loss indicators. The discussion on the guidance was framed within the context of the European and international initiatives related to risk prevention and management, namely the EU civil protection mechanism and the Sendai Framework for DRR. The compliance of the guidance with EU standards like the INSPIRE directive and the compatibility with the Flood directive as well as the on-going efforts for building a European flood impact database were also discussed.

The second part of the meeting aimed at identifying the models and tools for assessing the economic losses including direct and indirect losses. It attempted to scope the interest of Member States in developing a common methodology for collecting disaster loss data in the form of an EU toolkit. State-of-the-art damage and loss data collection methods were presented and expectations from MS with respect to the usefulness and the added-value of having standard forms were discussed. The potential and challenges of using disaster loss data within national risk assessments were also tackled briefly. This topic will be addressed in a future meeting involving contact points from MS involved in the preparation of the national risk assessments.

The workshop participants agreed to take further this work with the following actions:

  •   To work together towards the finalization of the EU guidance on disaster damage and loss data recording;
  •  To start sharing damage and loss data on the minimum requirements, using the common data exchange format proposed in the guidance;
  • To start testing the guidance though examples of implementations for different types of perils;
  •   To initiate the collection of best practices and the sharing of survey forms for damage and loss data collection at the local level;
  • To prepare the next meeting of the working group which will address the targets and indicators for DRR and the ways to measure them (October 2015)



Monday 30 March 2015 

9:00 - Introduction and Welcome (DG ECHO, JRC)

Guidelines for Sharing Disaster Loss Data

10:00 – Status of the Guidelines: EU (JRC)

10:20 – Compatibility with Flood Directive: Country sheets for a European flood impact database (EEA)

10:40 – Compatibility with INSPIRE (JRC)

11:00 – Revised IRDR peril classification (JRC)

11:20 – Discussion


 Multi-hazard EU toolkit for loss data collection at local level

14:00 – Developing Multi-hazard EU toolkit for loss data collection at local level (s) (JRC)

14:30 – Member State experience

            - Italy (Politecnico di Milano, CIMA)

            - Germany: HOWAS, MEDIS (Universität Potsdam)

            - Slovenia (ACPDR)

16:00 – Discussion

            -Tools and methods for loss data collection: sampling, remote sensing and social media

            -Scope of EU Toolkit

17:00 – End of meeting

20:00 Social dinner


Tuesday 31 March 2015

Way forward: economic modelling, risk modelling

09:00 – Economic impact modelling

         - Modelling indirect economic losses for disruptive events (JRC)

         - Modelling direct and indirect economic losses for floods  (JRC, FEEM)

10:30 – Linking disaster loss data with national risk assessments


 Disaster Loss Database Implementation

14:00 – ICT implementation of loss databases: Database structure, (distributed) architecture

15:00 – AOB

16:00 – End of meeting

Meeting Documents

Summary of the workshop


  Title Modified Date Size  
  Minutes of the workshop 4/21/2015 434.40 KB Download


Presentations DAY 1- Guidelines for Sharing Disaster Loss Data


  Title Modified Date Size   Description
  INSPIRE Natural Risk Zones 4/10/2015 10.76 MB Download  
  IRDR Peril Classification 4/10/2015 2.55 MB Download  
  Opening presentation 4/10/2015 141.00 KB Download  
  EU Damage and Loss guidelines 4/10/2015 1.02 MB Download  
  EEA European database for consultation 4/10/2015 944.10 KB Download  
  EEA Flood Directive 4/10/2015 1.68 MB Download  
  EEA Past Flood Database 4/10/2015 1.95 MB Download  


Presentations DAY 2- Economic Losses and EU Toolkits


  Title Modified Date Size  
  FEEM Modeling Direct and Indirect Economic Losses 4/10/2015 4.46 MB Download
  JRC Modeling Flood Economic Losses 4/10/2015 2.08 MB Download
  National Risk Assessments 4/10/2015 9.18 MB Download
  Damage collection Forms in Germany 4/10/2015 1.91 MB Download
  Damage collection Forms in Italy 4/10/2015 25.98 MB Download
  EU toolkits for damage collection at local level 4/10/2015 1.24 MB Download


Additional material


  Title Modified Date Size   Description
  Presentation- Flood damage survey after major flood in Norway 2013 4/17/2015 8.82 MB Download Finance Norway
  Flood damage survey after major flood in Norway 2013 4/17/2015 151.84 KB Download Finance Norway
  Disaster Loss Reduction project 4/17/2015 83.25 KB Download Finance Norway