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Assessment of potential use of selected geoinformation products for risk management


Risk Assessment, Disaster Loss Data, Science-Policy Interface
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flag POLAND Crisis Information Centre, Space Research Centre PAS
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  • Jakub Ryzenko
  • Marta Milczarek
  • Beata Janowczyk
  • Anna Nałęcz-Kobierzycka


Purpose,Objectives and Scope

As Earth Observation satellite data have become increasingly available, in significant part due to launch of the EU Copernicus Programme, they have enabled regular monitoring of on-going natural phenomena. Dedicated EO-based products may provide not only information valuable for operational monitoring of crisis situations, but they can also be used for long-term risk assessment.

The proposed DRMKC Support Service activation will result in preparation of the analysis of potential uses of four information products that offer risk-related information resulting from combination of continuously available satellite-based data with other (terrestrial) sources of information.

The six weeks long study will focus on assessment of usefulness of four possible risk-assessment products that can be developed on the basis of the monitoring products that are currently under development in the Polish space sector. The resulting report will cover:

  • assessment of feasibility of products provision;
  • overview of products usefulness for: risk assessment; risk management(risk reduction) activities; other uses(including support for solidarity fund EUSF documentation) ; potential use beyond Poland(in particular in cooperation with RDH);
  • potential path for implementation of regular products provision and their use in Poland.


Tasks and Deliverables

Task 1 - Final Report on activities and results achieved.

The report will include a number of recommendations for future developments of the DRMKC Risk Data Hub.The study report (app. 30 pages) will be in English will include the results of the activities mentioned underneath:
  • the overview of potential products; assessment of feasibility of their development and regular provision; the overview of information they can provide and their limitations;
  • description of potential ways to use the products, in particular for risk assessment, planning of risk - reduction activities and as a support for national - level reporting of losses(potentially related to EUSF documentations);
  • assessment of feasibility for generation of similar products for other European countries and related limitations; potential for use of such products as an element of the Risk Data Hub;
  • (for some cases) identification of potential path for implementation, including: activities within the scope of the Government Centre for Security responsibility, and demonstration and pilot activities that could be realised as part of the Polish national space programme.
Deliverables Title Type Timing
D1.1 Final Report on activities and results achieved. Document