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Development of EU harmonized services for training activities in the domain of Drought Risk Assessment


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Purpose,Objectives and Scope

Climate change is continuing globally and in Europe and droughts are increasing in frequency and intensity in many regions. In Europe, the strongest increase in drought frequency and/or severity is projected for southern Europe, where competition between different water users, such as agriculture, industry, tourism and households, is likely to increase.

The planned support service is aiming to support member states to enhance the preparedness for droughts through improving the knowledge on drought risk in the region. National efforts have been done until now on drought risk assessment. The approaches and the applied methods for evaluation of the drought risk are, however, different country by country. The planned training would let the participants exchange experiences on best practices and get information on recent developments.

The training content and the training materials could improve managing the drought related risks in the member states and support member states in the drought risk assessment process.

Following the European Union Water Framework Directive and the Communication on Water Scarcity and Drought, drought strategies were developed in the EU member states. Many investigations deal with risk assessments nowadays. For instance, one of the main objectives of the ongoing DRiDanube project is to enhance drought resilience in the Danube region by introducing recently developed monitoring and risk assessment tools. Following a transnational approach, DRiDanube will harmonize the currently heterogeneous methodologies for risk and impact assessment. Users’ capacities at different levels (policy, professional, stakeholder) in the management cycle will be strengthened through sharing experiences and project learning interactions.

The main objective of the planned training course is to exchange experiences in methods applied for drought risk assessment and to explore best practices and the recently developed procedures. The output of the training course will support the member states in the drought risk assessment process. It will imply a certain coherence and harmonization on the topic.


Tasks and Deliverables

Task 1 - Identification of participants and key speakers in the domain of drought risk assessment

The service will be implemented together with the DRMKC, building on the available expertise and knowledge and establishing the list of potential lecturers and of potential participants to be invited for the workshop. The contractor will contact the participants and experts identified. A maximum number of 30 stakeholders will be accepted to attend the training, including representatives from the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change. A minimum number of 15 must be guaranteed. A number of experts in the field will be invited to provide their views and knowledge on the field. A maximum number of 10 invited experts is foreseen. For these experts travel – accommodation costs as well as a daily allowance shall be covered by the contractor and included in the offer.
Deliverables Title Type Timing
D1.1 List of keynote speakers and experts to be invited as lecturers, list of possible participants, invitations Document

Task 2 - Preparation of the training program

The program for the 5 days training will be prepared by the contractor and shared with the DRMKC for consultation.
Deliverables Title Type Timing
D2 Training Program agreed with the DRMKC Document

Task 3 - Delivering the training

The cost for the organization of the training will include the catering services offered during the training. More specifically, two coffee breaks (coffee, juice, water, brioches and biscuits) and a lunch break (hot and cold buffet) shall be provided per day, while a networking dinner shall be organized at the end of the first day.
Deliverables Title Type Timing
D3 Evaluation form of the training filled in by participants Document



Task 4 - Training material

The training material (slides, background documents, …) in English version will be delivered to the DRMK after the training session. The DRMKC will make it available for the DRMKC community. The contractor will summarise the outcomes of the training that will be distributed as part of the training material to the DRMKC.
Deliverables Title Type Timing
D4 Training material in English for further distribution. Presentations and summary of outcomes

All documents,presentations and outcomes of the deliverables are present in training course page :