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Disaster Loss and Damage Working Group

Type of network: experts and practitioners
Participation: open to loss database owners and curators from EU Member States and international organisations
Established: 2013
Activities: two meetings per year; contribution to Sendai Open-Ended Expert Working Group on Terminology and Indicators
Contact: Tom De Groeve (JRC)
Objective in DRMKC: link with loss and damage initiatives in climate change and sustainable development; host and share Member State data; contribute to implementation of Sendai requirements; link with expert group on national risk assessments

Aim and background

The Union Civil ProtectionMechanism is paving the way for more resilient communities by including key actions related to disaster prevention such as developing national risk assessments and the refinement of risk management planning. 

Systematically collected, comparable and robust disaster damage and loss data are an essential element of the risk assessment and management processes. The current practice in disaster loss data recording across the EU shows that there are hardly any comparable disaster damage and loss data: differences exist in the methods of data recording as well as in the governance approaches to managing disaster damage and loss data. The lack of standards for damage and loss data collection and recording represent the main challenge for damage and loss data sharing and comparison, especially for cross-border cooperation within the EU.


The Council Conclusions on risk management capability call on the Commission to 'Encourage the development of systems, models or methodologies for collecting and exchanging data on ways to assess the economic impact of disasters on an all-hazard basis'. To this end, ECHO and the JRC have established an expert working group on disaster loss and damage data with the aim of taking stock and developing guidance on recording and sharing such data. 

In 2015, the working group has published the first version of the guidance. They take into account existing good practices in Member States. They build on the findings and recommendations of earlier reports on “Current status and best practices for disaster loss data recording in the EU” and on the Technical requirements for loss data recording within the EU context.

Key publications

GuidanceForRecordingAndSharingDisasterGuidance for Recording and Sharing Disaster Damage and Loss Data: Towards the development of operational indicators to translate the Sendai Framework into action, by DE GROEVE Tom; CORBANE Christina; EHRLICH Daniele (2015). doi:10.2788/186107,

CurrentStatusAndBestPracticesCurrent status and Best Practices for Disaster Loss Data recording in EU Member States: A comprehensive overview of current practice in the EU Member States, by DE GROEVE Tom; POLJANSEK Karmen; EHRLICH Daniele; CORBANE Christina (2014). doi:10.2788/18330 ,

RecordingDisasterLossesRecording Disaster Losses: Recommendations for a European approach, by DE GROEVE Tom; POLJANSEK Karmen; EHRLICH Daniele (2013). doi:10.2788/98653 (online),