INFORM Climate Change

INFORM Climate Change Risk Index is an upgrade of INFORM Risk Index as it includes climate and socio-economic projections. It provides quantified estimates of the impacts of climate change on the future risk of humanitarian crises and disasters. The results are intended to inform policy choices across climate mitigation, climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and humanitarian assistance.


Virtual Event - INFORM Partner Briefing on INFORM Climate Change, 10th November 15:00 CET

INFORM Climate Change is essentially a future projection of the INFORM Risk Index – a composite index that measures the risk of humanitarian crises that could require international Assistance. INFORM Climate Change modifies indicators in the hazard and exposure dimension of the INFORM Risk Index, based on projected climate and socio-economic trends. It is intended to lead to a shared and objective understanding of the impact of climate change on the risk of humanitarian crises, and to support decisions on allocating DRR and climate adaptation resources that are consistent with SDG and Sendai targets. INFORM Climate Change is a result of collaboration between the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and Joint Research Centre of European Commission.
The event will take place on the 10th of November at 15:00-16:00 CET. We will share the agenda nearer the time. The link to the event is already available here