INFORM subnational model of Moldova

The INFORM Subnational Risk Index for Moldova was developed by the UNDRR Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia in partnership with General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), the United Nations Country Team, and the Joint Research Centre - European Commission, with financial support from USAID BHA and the Government of Japan. It covers indices for 37 administrative units (3 municipalities, 2 autonomous areas, and 32 communes). Based on open-source data used from international institutions (World Bank, GEM, UNDRR, UNICEF, FAO, WHO, etc) with a strong support from IGSU, National Bureau of Statistics of Republic of Moldova, UN AIDS Moldova and National Institute of Public Health, the model include 74 indicators, grouped into 24 components building 6 categories of the model’s dimensions. While data on Natural Hazard and Exposure was based on international data sources from GEM, OSM, EU JRC, World Bank, FAO, WHO among others, data on Human category was covered with information from the IGSU, especially tailored to cover indices on technological and transport accidents, which pose a significant threat to the country’s communes due to high frequency. Vulnerability and Coping Capacity dimensions’ components were adapted to absorb available information from The National Institute for Public Health, National Bureau for Statistics, Moldova Red Cross, Government of Moldova (Ministry for Regional Development, National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communication and Information technology), and, UNHCR, UN AIDS, UNDP, WB among others.
The process for the development of the INFORM Subnational Index for Moldova was initiated at the beginning of 2023, and coincided with several processes in the country, such as the development of the National DRR Strategy in Moldova. As such, construction of INFORM Subnational Risk Model for Moldova gave a strong evidence basis for understanding risk at a subnational level. As an immidiate impact, reporting on Sendai Framework Monitor Targets began in the country for the first time, which will result in enrichment of disaster knowledge and disaster database creation for country on people died/affected, regions, disasters or economic damages and losses.
Subnational - Moldova


INFORM Risk results are open and available in many formats. The Excel sheet contains all the source data and the calculation steps for functional levels, categories and dimensions.

INFORM Moldova 2023
(842 KB - XLS - released 30/11/2023)