Results and data

INFORM Risk results are open and available in many formats. The Excel sheet contains all the source data and the calculation steps for functional levels, categories and dimensions.


INFORM Risk Index 2024
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INFORM Trend 2014 - 2023
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* Updated on the 19th of September, only the naming of flood, now river flood, and coastal flood description in the trend file where changed

Results interpretation

The overall INFORM risk index identifies countries at risk from humanitarian crises and disasters that could overwhelm national response capacity. It is made up of three dimensions - hazards and exposure, vulnerability and lack of coping capacity. This map shows the risk for all the countries.

INFORM Risk - 2020

Prioritising using risk level and trends

The INFORM Risk Index can be used to group countries based on their current level of risk and the trend over previous years. For example, large increases in countries already with high levels of risk could be used to prioritise them for increased crisis and disaster prevention, preparedness and response.

INFORM Risk - Trend matrix 2020

Table ranking

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