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Kenya Children’s Climate Risk Index-Disaster Risk Model (CCRI-DRM) subnational risk assessment. A composite index that includes risk data on child exposure and vulnerability to hazards, shocks and stresses

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This is a Children’s Climate and Disaster Risk model (CCRI-DRM) Kenya model created by UNICEF. The Kenyan CCRI-DRM subnational risk assessment initiative is a joint effort between UNICEF, Kenya national authorities and stakeholders, and international partners to enrich, create and use child-inclusive climate and disaster risk data. The initiative aims to improve the understanding and management of risks that children, young people, families and their communities face from natural hazards, climate and environmental hazards, shocks and stresses, and disasters. The approach and processes for subnational adaptations of the Index for Risk Management (INFORM) model provide the main reference for the development of the subnational CCRI-DRM. This analysis is composed of two main pillars that are indexed and combined into a final risk score:

  • Pillar 1: Exposure to Shocks & Stressors
  • Pillar 2: Child Vulnerability Reference layers have been added as incomplete but vital datasets that can improve contextual understanding of the lives of children where data is available.

Please note that the number values of the shock exposure indicators included in the first pillar of the model are ESTIMATES of children under 18 exposed to the different types of shocks and stresses. These estimates are data derived from a combination of hazard and population layers and should not be treated as official or specific numbers. The Kenya CCRI-DRM model can also be found on the GeoSight dashboard, which is a geospatial platform intended to provide an easy-to-use and open-source cartographic visualization of the CCRI-DRM Kenya model created by UNICEF.

The Model could also be found on the Kenya Ministry Of Environment, Climate Change & Forestry.


INFORM Risk results are open and available in many formats. The Excel sheet contains all the source data and the calculation steps for functional levels, categories and dimensions.

Children's Climate and Disaster Risk Model of Kenya (CCRI-DRM)
(388 KB - XLS - version 2.3)