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INFORM User Guide

This report gives an introduction to INFORM and how to use it, and an overview of the methodology.


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Published: 17/11/2014



INFORM Frequently Asked Questions

Key facts and figures about INFORM


Published: 17/11/2015



INFORM Concept and Methodology

INFORM Concept and methodology

Published: 11/07/2017 Previous versions
Published: 17/11/2015 Published: 17/11/2014

This report describes the scientific background of INFORM. The INFORM model is based on risk concepts published in scientific literature and envisages three dimensions of risk: Hazards & Exposure, Vulnerability and Lack of Coping Capacity.


Data and calculation sheet

INFORM Data and Calculation Sheet

Published: 01/09/2017

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The data and calculations are implemented in a dedicated calculation system, but are also made available as an Excel sheet.


INFORM Index (PNG, 225KB) INFORM Hazard&Exposure Index (PNG, 225KB)
INFORM Vulnerability Index (PNG, 225KB) INFORM Lack of Coping Capacity Index (PNG, 225KB)


Download maps of all components, dimensions and categories of INFORM: download (Zip, 3MB).


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